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28th September 2021 
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Reason for Holistic Treatment

I offer varied treatments to aid you with staying well, no matter how busy your life is.
If you suffer with achy muscles and/or headaches from whatever work you do or from living life in general, I recommend my massage and facial treatments as some well deserved me time. You may select from a variety of massage treatments including massage with or without aromatherapy, facial treatments which include a luxury brand Monu skincare, through to a budget friendly option.

I am well located whether you live in Brackley, Banbury, Bicester, Chipping Norton, Great Tew, Duns Tew, Bodicote Adderbury, Aynho, Clifton and Deddington.

I provide a 50% discount on your first treatment treatment, which includes your first analysis of your needs. Followed by a 25% discount for any further treatments of up to three of your choice.

My treatments will also support you if you are suffering from skin concerns, burnout, aches & pains, tension headaches,
low mood, a depleted immune system, insomnia, anxiety & depression,
digestive problems, to name but a few.

My ancient therapies will help you by supporting your body and mind no matter what your life throws at you.

A bit of information for you about me
I am passionate about my work and I discovered the life enhancing benefits fior myself oy treatments, while going through challenging times.
I now incorporate treatments into my life
room. Prior to opening my practice, I worked as a Complimentary Therapist for 4 years
at a hospice, and for 1 year with a cancer support charity.

Luxury Treatments
In addition to working in my own treatment room, I work freelance, providing luxury treatments for
Cotswold's Hotels and Spas, including for Le Manoir Hotel, Thame, Oxfordshire

My practice is easily accessible from Woodstock, Tackley, Steeple Aston, Aynho,
Croughton, Charlton, Brackley, Banbury, Bicester, Duns Tew, Kings Sutton, Bodicote,
Upper & Lower Heyford, Barford St John, Barford St Michael.